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Hello and Welcome to Saiyan Force Extreme. I am SSJ3Saiyan and I made and maintain this web site. This site is about the anime series, Dragon Ball/Z/GT. Dragon Ball/Z/GT is a Anime created by Akira Toriyama, that is about the Dragon Balls, Goku, and his adventures. Also please vote for me because I really need to get more traffic. Remeber, the more traffic I get the more I have to update and make this site better. Plus please go to my affiliates when you are done with my site because I emailed a lot of sites asking to affiliate and no one would even respond, so I am gratefull for my affiliates. You can email me at My other site is Trunks Paradise, so check it out. Oh ya, Enjoy and come again!

12.13.00---Well I am closing down the site! but im going to give it away, click HERE for more info on that.

11.8.00---Welcome to Saiyan Force Extreme, today is the grand opening! Please vote for me and sign my guest book. Plus, go to my other site, Trunks Paradise and check it out (it was my first site, so don't expect it to be really good).

11.8.00---This is kind of old news, but I want to fill up this space and there hasn't been any recent DB/Z/GT news, so just in case you don't know Cartoon Network is showing 77 new episodes of the Android saga and part of the Cell saga at 5pm and 12am on weekdays.

Dragon Ball Z is 1984 Bird Studio All rights reserved , by Akira Toriyama. Saiyan Force Extreme is made by a fan of DBZ and does not have any illegal content. Saiyan Force Extreme is to SSJ3Saiyan. My site is here to promote Dragon Ball/Z/GT, I am just a fan who built a site. For fans knowledge to Dragon Ball/Z/GT.