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Hey even though this site has only been up for 1 or 2 months I am shuting it down, but I will give it away, don't worry I wont sell it for money ill just give it away for free.

If you want SFE then email me at and tell me why you deserve it, a link to any other sites you have ever owned or worked on, your age and what country plus state if you live in US.

I will pick the best person that i think is fit for the job after enough applications have been sent in. When I pick a new owner I will take off all the content and use it for my new site, fix the gliches on the site(like ill fix it so you can view the site at any screen size and some other stuff), write "Layout made by, who now co-owns" in the bottom left(left of the back to the top thing), and add new site) to the affiliates bar.

I am shutting this site down because I am making another site with friend, called Heres the link for it