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Human: A Human is one of the weaker races in DB/DBZ/DBGT. They are just like you and me (because we are humans).

Tsfurujin: This is a diffrent race that lived on Planet Vegeta (Planet Plant). They where wiped out by the Saiy-jins. Later in DBGT there was one left, his name was Baby. They kinda look wierd.

Saiy-jin: This is the most famous race in DBZ/DBGT. They are born with tails and a strong love to kill. Goku seemed to be a little brat but then hit is head so he had forgotten all of his anger and stuff. when a Saiy-jin, with a tail, sees the light of a full moon he will transfor into an ape like form.

Namek: Nameks are peaceful creatures. There have only been about 2-3 evil Nameks (Piccolo Daimoah, Piccolo Jr. and Slug). They are green with 2 little antenna coming out of their head. Their body looks cool because their muscles is on the out side.

Majin: Majin's are any race but they are evil. They are evil because they are being controled by Bibidi. Vegeta once was a Majin. all Majins have the "M" marking on their body.

Android: Androids are artificial humans. Thier power is much greater though. Some of the androids where stronger than SSJ's at one point.

Changeling: Changelings are strange creatures that transform to become stronger. They are evil and strong.

Arlia-jin: They are cricket looking thingys. They come from Planet Arlia. They where wiped out by Vegeta.

Kaioshin: Kaioshins are the gods of gods. They don't all look the same. Some do. They are strong, not as strong as SSJ's or nuthin.

Kaio: Kaios are gods. They all where pretty much the same thing and have a symbol on their shirts.

Saibamen: Saibamen are really cool. They look cool, they spit acid from their heads and they are evil. They are kinda weak.