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If you do not change your screen area to 1024x768, then many parts of Saiyan Force Extreme will not look/work correctly, so i suggest you change your screen area to 1024x768 while looking at Saiyan Force Extreme. To change your screen size your first...
  1. Go to the start menu(far bottom left corner, menu pops up when clicked on)
  2. Then go to Settings, Control Panel.
  3. Then go to Display
  4. Next, click on the Settings Tag
  5. Go to where it says, screen area and move the bar until the words under it say, 1024 by 768 pixels
  6. Then click OK
  7. A window called display properties will pop up, click OK on that window and then click yes on the moiter settings window that pops up.
After you are done looking at Saiyan Force Extreme, you can change your screen size back (I suggest you stick with this screen size) by doing steps 1-7 only change the words on step 4 from 1024 by 768 pixels to your favorite screen size.