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-The Earthling-
(The Names: The Meaning)
  • Bulma: "bloomers" the japanese word for girls gym shorts
  • Dr Briefs: Mens underwear
  • Chichi: Slang for breast in Japanese
  • Chaozu: The chinese reading for "gyoza"in japanese(meaning pot stickers)
  • Tenshinhan: A kind of fried rice
  • Kuririn: Chestnut in Japanese
  • Videl: The word "devil" mixed up
  • Mr Satan: Satan
  • Oolong: The chinese "wulong" meaning Amber tea
  • Puar: "Pu-her" a variety of Chinese tea
  • Lunch: A play on lunch. Or launch, meaning to release
  • Yamcha: "Dim sum" in chinese
  • Pilaf: "Pilav" meaning rice dish
  • Shao and Mai: "Shao-mai" in chinese
  • Marron: Japanese pronunciation for "marron" in French

-The Saiyans-
(The Names/The Meaning)

  • Kakarotto: A joke on the word carrot
  • Gokou/Goku: The "ku" means sky.
  • Goten: The "ten" means heaven
  • Gohan: Rice or a meal in general in japanese
  • Pan: A pandemic word for bread
  • Vegeta: A joke on the word vegetable
  • Trunks: Boys gym shorts in japanese
  • Bra: Women's bra
  • Nappa: The english word for chinese cabbage
  • Raditz: A joke on "radish"

-The Nameks-
(The names: The Meaning)

  • Piccolo: A flute
  • Nail: A joke on "snail"
  • Dende: The japanse "denden-mushi"
  • Piano: A piano
  • Tamborine: A tamborine
  • Tsuno: A japanese word for "horn" or "antennae"
  • Drum: A drum
  • Kargo: French for"escargo"
  • Cymbal: A cymbal (instrument)

-Frieza's Followers-
(The Names: The Meanings)

  • Gurudo: A joke on "yoguruto" japanese for yogurt
  • Jees: A joke on cheese
  • Bahta: Japanese prononciation for the english word "butter"
  • Ginyu: Japanese for milk (spelled: gyunyu)
  • Rikoom: A joke on cream
  • Zarbon: "Pomelo" in english. A japanese fruit
  • Dodoria: "Doria" Japanese for "a tasty dish"
  • Kiwi: The name of an egg-sized "fruit of the Cheese goseberry"
  • Freeza: Freezing
  • King Cold: Cold
  • Kooler: Cooler

-Other Characters-
(The Names: The Meaning)

  • Cell: The meaning of cell
  • Majin Buu: Bippity Boppity Boo (the words in Cinderalla)